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This Volkswagen Samba Bus Is a Thank You to Doctors in the COVID-19 Front Lines

Nearly the whole world is currently in lockdown due to the coronavirus outbreak, so when they’re not working remotely, many people try to rediscover the hobbies they abandoned after embracing the full grownup life.

Gaming is obviously one of them, and the huge number of people going online to play games is one of the reasons publishers and tech giants like Microsoft, Sony, and others struggle to deal with the spike in usage.

Gran Turismo remains one of the top choices for racing games fans out there, but at the same time, it can also serve as a pretty cool way to show our appreciation to those who are currently in the front line fighting against the pandemic.

Someone has created a “Thank You” version of the 1964 Volkswagen Samba bus that’s specifically supposed to do exactly what its name suggests: say thank you to the doctors and nurses risking their lives these days and treating patients infected with COVID-19.

The livery can be downloaded by anyone using this link, but in addition, the designer has also shared the decal that you can use to apply to any other car model in Gran Turismo Sport.

It goes without saying that this design fits the Samba bus just perfectly, especially because this model has previously been used as an ambulance during the ‘50s.


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