Darrell Vittone left us, but will be for ever with us!


Wednesday April 29 2020 our good friend Darrell Vittone passed away after a battle of several health issues, Darrell didn’t do good for the last couple of weeks.

Son of Joe Vittone founder of EMPI, Darrell was a pretty important name in aircooled VW performance. He was a very fine technician with a high progressive vision.

Tuning of Volkswagens he did since he was a kid…

Our thoughts and feelings go out to Darrell’s family, he will be a big miss for sure…

I was lucky that I became a good friend with Darrell and we traveled together sometimes. Darrell loved Italian food, so I brought him to Italy once, in my 58 deluxe… We both enjoyed that trip so much. Darrell kept on saying how much it reminded him to his grandparents, and also to a trip with his dad all over Europe in the early seventies.

We have so many good memories with Darrell we selected some very special moments together to share with all of You.

Darrell can you rest in peace my friend, I will always remember you and many of my decisions I have to make I will do with your advise in my memory, be sure of that.


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  1. Aweome pics, he had a great time on that trip, thank you for sharing your memories

  2. I met Darrell when Econo Motors was on University Ave in Riv, my 2 cycle go kart linkage broke and he repaired it for me I was 14 yrs old, In the mid 70’s when Econo Motors was in the Riv AutoCenter I met up with Darrell again a few years out of high school, I worked at the Race Shop in rear of Econo Motors with him, Dave Andrews, Bill and Dennis Bransford, Fumio Fukaya, Leon Schindele we all assisted with helping with putting together the Fiat Race car. We had all the old Empi stuff and cars in the back of the the shop. I learned so much from this man I can never thank him for taking the time and interest he had in me. Thank You Darrell, Kurt Unger

  3. Thank You so much Kurt, this is a real nice hommage to Darrell…
    Sure he will appreciate, wherever he is now…


  4. Darrel was the “Boss” at the shop next door when I worked at Mc Peaks painting in riverside. This was when he had the Techtonics tuning in the Riverside location before he moved to Oregon. I was a young blood custom spray painter. Darrel was the Guru next door. We used to talk after work or when something “cool” was on the dyno all day after he got enough runs in. Lots of fun days. When they moved to Oregon it was a sad time for us. But had to happen. So 30 years later when I heard the Inch pincher was going to be touring I figured…Inch pincher…well maybe Darrel would be driving. Could not find any information he was going to drive but on a hunch I went to the Drags. Walked up behind my friend “who was My age Collin” and right away I was recruited into getting the car ready. Darrel with a big smile could not believe I came. Even though it was an exhibition run, There still was no Mercy according to Darrel as he whispered that to Collin then Collin whispered that to me. We tried to keep a straight face to the guys running the show. They were hinting to Darrel to lighten up. Not happening. “grab the air tank Mike. How high was my wheelie again, put one more pound in the tires. Colling change the launch RPM from 2200 to 2700…” He was a Racer right to the end. Even when we were on Facebook talking about he 36hp challenge.
    Very sad to see him go, Great guy

  5. Thanks Michael, that’s a lot of honor you pay to Darrell… h was a special person indeed!

    Thank you for your comments…

    After all Darrell will only die when we ban him out of our hearts… and that will not happen anytime soon!

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