Wednesday Thank You Day!

Can we thank especially all people again that CARE today?
We have huge problems in our elderly nursing homes, a kind of job Bob’s Mom Always did….

I can only think about the people working there as fully passionate with a very high motivation for their job.
Easy comparable with most of us, as our passion for Volkswagen…

Big great Thumbs up for you guys, to work that hard in these circumstances!!
Can we thank also all other people who care? Sure we can can, and for sure we WILL!

A BIG Thank You fort all of you making the difference between life and death, between a working community or an anarchism….
Its You guys that make we might can start-up again our economy!

Unions should come pull on that same string and make sure everybody gonna get a job after the lockdown….
We will remember our real heroes from today for the rest of our lifes…..


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