Wednesday Thank You day…from all of us in Volkswagen land.

Thank You especially to all this so much-needed people for the jobs that really matters, always matters, but now, especially, nurses, doctors, people in nursing and elderly homes, drivers, all people working in the food industry and supply chain, police officers, not to forget our armies, garbage collectors, scientists, politicians and all and everybody we forgot on this short list‚Ķ. Just thank you guys for being present on the front lines of this…totally unfair war against humanity. Your fight and presence can be easily compared with that of soldiers at a war front. You’re there and fight for us, to keep us alive and treat us where necessary‚Ķ. without You the world would be a big problem for every human being right now! So thank You, many times thank You, a zillion times thank You. We should remember this forever!

Our thoughts go out to all of our friends, family, customers and suppliers who fight the virus, or whose family or friends are in the hospital or, in the worst case, passed away….

Let’s fight together and come out of this all as better human beings with more respect for each other. We need all people in our communities, also the ones who work everyday to just be there if we don’t feel well…

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