Corona measures for BBT cars

No social distancing for our cars unfortunatly…

in contrary, we moved all cars as close as possible to each other as possible, not to breed (wish that was true!) but to create space.

In case we should suffer a larger fall out of BBT people turning sick we have overflow space now for incoming goods…

Hopefully we don’t need that space…

For our current inventory plse check


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  1. haha much appreciated Bob, but i have the luck to be a freelancer in the event sector. so tuff times ahead. I’ll be lucky if i can keep my splitscreen van. One day i’ll own a ragtop though.

  2. Sorry to hear Jens, yes its tough tiimes for many people now…
    maybe re orientate for a while, plenty of work in other sectors….:)
    succes buddy, and stay safe!

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