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It is good to read that all the world research is working  for 200%, trying to fight the crazy Corona virus… a virus that paralyzed almost a complete country and by expansion the rest of the world.
The “rest of the world” should be grateful that this virus happened in China, as China is and was the only country that takes measures to keep the expansion of the virus under control.
Hopefully the inventions of medical support from last couple a days will soon bring the whole case  under “human” control !
We don’t have a virus currently, but we like to present you the news parts we added to our program this week….


We like to start this week with the sound proof dampening mats. Before available under our shop reference W232-782, we brought them to our main parts program.
These mats are like the original mats glued on the floor plate of your beetle and reduce the “rolling noise” inside your beetle a lot.
They’re made to fit your beetle floor plate perfectly and have a thickness of 6 mm. Easy to mount when you heat them slightly up. Heating that is, not melting!
Sold in set of 4 pieces.

0529-100 Chassis sound muffling set (4) – Beetle



The gas tank of your VW bus was originally installed with two big steel straps (BBT 0492-91)
To avoid rattling, scratching and other annoying noises VW stuck small isolator cushions as mounting pads between the steel straps and your gas tank.
We sell these mounting pads in a set of 10 pieces, enough to mount one gas tank.

0492-912 Mounting pads fuel tank – Bus 03/55-07/79 (10)



Next we add the bolt and washer which mount the link pin on the front axle trailing arm of your split window bus.
BBT researched the exact by VW used hardware to factory specs.
The necessary nut and spring washer were already have available under BBT 8730-10 and BBT 8753-10.

8701-10-050 Hexagonal bolt half tread M10 x 50 

8750-11 Spacer ring M11




The high quality ATE brake shoes for the late beetle came back in stock. Beside these, we also supply our own production BBT 1230 which are German-made brake shoes in absolutely the best quality and fabricated with most advanced top technology today in existence.

1230-1 Brake shoes front – Beetle front 08/64- / rear 08/67- (Ate)



Also the cap for ’67- and later brake fluid reservoir arrived again in good quantities and dropped prices.

1257-10 Cap for brake fluid reservoir 67-




This week’s product in the picture kicks off with our own production rear bumper brackets for the Early Bay window buses built between 08/67 and 7/71.
We recommend inspecting these brackets, especially if you have a bus which had a tough life or has significant aging marks as these guys are what is
keeping your bumper(s) hanging safely up the front or at the back-end of your vehicle and need to be of excellent quality in case of impact.

0019-350 Bumper bracket rear left – Bus 08/67-07/71
0019-360 Bumper bracket rear right – Bus 08/67-07/71



Next in line is our divider panel for the early split bus pick-up. This panel sits in front of the fuel tank and acts as a firewall to keep whatever you hide
in your treasure chest safe and sound – even your stepmom!! Although, we wouldn’t recommend hiding her in there..
It’s a quality product made out of correct thick gauge steel with superb pressings – just like when it was made in the factory.
This one is for the early pick up built between 02/52 & 07/60. We also got the same quality replacement part for the later pick up
built between 08/60 & 07/66 you can find this under ref. 0890-776.

0890-775 Divider panel for fuel tank compartment pick-up – Bus -07/60



Last one for this week’s line up are the front backing plates for the early bay bus. The ones listed below are for  buses made between 08/67 & 07/70. As with all our
backing plates they are great quality reproductions. If you want to renew all your backing plates we’ve listed the codes below.

1291-850 Backing plate front left – Bus 08/67-07/70 BBT
1292-850 Backing plate front right – Bus 08/67-07/70 BBT
1293-850 Backing plate rear left – Bus ch.218 109 824-07/70 BBT
1294-850 Backing plate rear right – Bus ch.218 109 824-07/70 BBT


The BBT News team wishes you all a relaxing weekend. Hopefully the corona virus will be history in the next couple of days..

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