ISP, EMPI and my flight to Boise Idaho

Before heading off to Boise I jumped by my friend Alex from ISP West, Type 3 specialist in and out.

Entering ISP is like entering in a different dimension…. Alex has style, a lot of style!

and being a friend Alex also cooked for me! Wonderful soup Alex! wowh, thank You so much!

A picture I wanted to show you about the new entry of Empi earlier this week…. it’s a different set up for sure, looks like a real shop now, (what it isn’t)

and then on friday night I took my flight to Boise Idaho, for some “weekend hunting”….. well let’s see what that bring…:)

Coming into Boise was magnificent… I didn’t have my camera so this was only a phone picture, but still I hope it show You what I saw…

so what’s all the buzz in Boise about uh? Stay tuned, it will come up next!

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