California driving … covered in snow….

It never rains in California?

Forget that song, I was driving south on the I-5 last week when I came in for a new car hunting trip. The weather turned worse and wore, signs warned me the I-5 was closed near grapevine as of real bad winter conditions…

So I tried to work my way around it over Bakersfield and Palmdale… I managed, with a detour of several hours at least…. but what a bad weather….

California covered in snow!

Our “White Whale” looks more like a Polar Bear, don’t you think?

Palmdale didn’t look too “palm” to me…:)

once out of the mountains it was pouring rain, everywhere…. disaster… my trip of 7 hours normally took me over 17 hours…. I was exhausted…

Ok White Whale You worked hard, you get new tyres, a wheel alignment, new wipers, and an oil change… ready for new adventures…

Ready for new adventures, but with the weather in the mountains that bad I doubt I gonna drive long distance anymore this trip, especially not with the trailer…

Let’s see what next days will bring up….

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