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With billionaires thinking they can buy into a presidency our western economic model comes into new levels!

Also wintertime hits the northern atmosphere, good old cold! A real refresh to have real cozy Belgian shitty weather at the office… time to start our winter projects, do you already have started a winter project ?

We’re not billionaires, and neither snow men, but we’re just satisfied we can present again a bunch of new parts  this week to you, that’s all the  richness we need to be completely happy…. 🙂

Our silver weld through panel line is now completely recognized  in the market, not to say we’re the best. Every day we receive compliments from customers about quality and fit.

That means a lot to us…

Some customers compare our panels with NOS parts, others think they are even better. It’s a warm feeling and after all efforts a real reward for all work done. But before all; it fuels us to go further, never stop moving and bringing you new parts, sheet metal parts, but also a bunch of other parts, with one big aim….

Quality first!

This week we like to present our side panels and B posts… in the known silver weld through quality.

0890-348 Side flank long left – Bus 03/63-07/67


0890-358 Side flank long right – Bus 03/63-07/66



0890-349 Side flank short left – Bus 03/63-07/67



0890-359 Side flank short right – Bus 03/63-07/66



0890-901 B-post Complete Left, cargodoor – Bus 03/55-12/60



0890-902 B-post Complete Right, non-cargodoor – Bus 03/55-12/63




Our voltage regulator factory had problems to keep up production to our demands. Well they changed that now and we put our stocks higher as well… our 6 volt regulators are doing well… They’re very affordable and are doing the job flawlessly.

We also upgrade them with every production run…:)

Oh yes, you already knew that your original Bosch cap from your old regulator exchanges  perfectly on our regulators for that perfect original look?

Protected against water and mis-wiring… our regulators are the real deal!

Back available from our shelves

1951 6 volt regulator (Generator) BBT

Ok back in the workshop now to finish and test new samples on our winter projects before Bob is back in town!

We always like to surprise him!

BBT news team wishes you a snacking cold but enjoyable weekend!

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