Hebmuller 007 arrived in Da Houze!


With a little help from your friends….. Joe cocker was so right with that song… we try to help where we can and make the VW community a better world… so when a good friend of Da Houze asked me to help with his purchase and logistics from Hebmuller nr 007 I was already…

Last saturday Heb nr 007 arrived at BBT HQ for some evaluation, storage and logistic solution… brought over by Thomas and Tino from Bavarian pickers, there was some Hebmuller specialists invited to check if the car was complete and document everything what was there….

Here she comes!


The Saturday workers on this file…. oh yes this was big fun! What did You do last saturday? ….:)

Most striking VW lines ever… tell them Bob told you…:)

Hebmuller 007 is for a while stationed @ BBT HQ now and can be viewed by all visitors to our shop on simple demand, viewed with the eyes, not with the hands, that is…:)

How close you can come to what by many considered the oldest Hebmuller in existence? This baby has the earliest chassis number from all Hebmullers in existence….

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