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Wow, when we saw the map of all different wild fires in Australia it looked like the whole country is on fire… the human tragedy must be immense! Of course we carry our hearts away for our friends and customers. How many cool Volkswagens will have been destroyed by  these fires by now? Smoking hot, but very smoking in the negative way…. a real disaster, let us all pray for rain and the wind to stop….

Smoking hot is also our news this week, but thanks God in a positive way. We will bring you some real cool goodies and a lot of back in stock products too! BBT is in full rock mode and you will know it.



First  we present you our heater rise covers for all type 1 engines  that work with fresh air heating systems for engines built 1963 and up. These small plates are  necessary to keep the always up moving warm air on the underside of your engine down where it belongs. Good and correct installed engines have no gaps where the hot air from below can move into the engine compartment. These heater rise cover plates help to achieve that goal. The gaskets for these are available under BBT ref 1057-250

2213-500 Heat riser plates (pair) 01/63- (not 30HP)



We also add the real glass lenses for back up lights, brake or rear fog lights… They will fit the BBT Hella chrome accessory light ref 0608  but also the original bus back up lights first with M code 47 delivered buses but from the 1967 model year they came standard on many models all the way up to 1971. Of course this is also the correct lens for the central brake light on buses up to 1958.

We deliver in red and in clear real glass, original Hella, with Hella Logo. Pick your choice!


0608-111 Red lens for reversing light Hella (real Glas) – Brake light Bus -07/57, BBT 0608


0608-113 Clear lens for reversing light Hella (real Glas) – Bus 08/67-07/71, BBT 0608, Porsche 356 B+C

Early wiper shafts have a cool little cap that prevents water to seep between the real wiper axle and its sleeve. Two models exist being one for beetle, ghia and type 3 while the other model is for bus. BBT brings  both models back their typical white see through rubber. We guarantee a perfect “snap” and fit. We deliver these babies by the pair.

But also later model wiper shafts have caps and grommets and a lot of other small parts necessary to mount wipers correctly. BBT supplies most of these parts.


2411-050 Cap wipershaft base 70-79 – Beetle, KG, Type 3 -07/69 (pair)



2411-100 Cap wipershaft base Bus -07/68 (pair)



Mounting a gas tank can be a challenge without this necessary gasket. This gasket prevents  real cheeky noises made between the two metal parts, your gas tank on one side and the body of your car on the other side. a real necessary part and now back available from our shelves.


0492-15 Anti rattle fuel tank – Beetle/KG 08/60-, Type181



We also got a new production run of our universal weather strip. This weather strip is a perfect seal to use as a window scraper if your car has  one-piece windows, but is also used on many different custom applications. back availble from our shelves.

0350 Weather lip seal



Nobody beats our hub caps. We sell them under legal VW license. But we have perfect European chrome applied under our own BBT quality control. 240 hours salt spray test, double checked at least every 6 months with full service track records. This is the automotive standard for OE (assembly line) of today. We can be equal but do not have to be more holy than the Pope himself, do we? They were not on our shelves for a couple of months, because of problems in the chroming process, which are all solved now…

Back available in the by us desirable quality. We’re ready to deliver!

2501-02 Hubcap -65 Genuine chrome – BBT

Our hearts stay with our friends in Australia this week. Damned those wild, you do not want to burn down everything you’ve been building up in life!

BBT News team wishes you a wonderful fall weekend, get out, hike or bike, or get in that garage and work at your car, all is hobby, all is cool!

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