Takashi Moriishi VW beetle 25 years later.

Almost 30 Years ago, we build the mechanics for a Japanese expat in Holland, Mr Takashi Moriishi.

A Porsche 5 speed transmission, IRS suspension, and a powerful engine…

It’s so cool Mr Moriishi send us some pictures of his beetle he enjoy so much recently on the Island of Shizuoka in Japan where he returned after his retirement.

In Japan its common to use something red when you turn 60 years old, Mr Moriishi choose to paint his beetle candy red… where it was off white before… anyway this is one mean machine and it makes me perfectly happy to see my work and imagination of so long ago is still on the road…. somewhere… far far away.

Thank You to Mr Moriishi to share the beautiful pictures of his beloved Volkswagen.

We wish Mr Moriishi a lot of fun kilometers in his beetle.

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