Asia factory tour; The electric bus conversion project.

One of the Taiwanese manufacturers works on a conversion kit for the VW bus… they’re very serious about it and are in testing fase…

The team of engineers is mind-blowing, hired from a real car manufacturer!

Yours truly was invited for test drive and report…

The performance is impressive and it still drives like a bus, I missed the typical aircooled noise though…

The drive line and suspension is simply state of the art…

Proud to help with this project.

Imagine we might drive our babies the electric way in the near future….

The engineering team was glad to join the banner moment!

Imagine we can drive our babies the electric way in the near future!

With this the 2019 Asia factory tour posts come to an and… work is waiting at BBT HQ, i better rush to home now…:)

Thanks for following my travel posts… hope you like it, comments always welcome in the comment section…:)

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