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Headlines that keep on dominating the news is Trump and China (are they a couple perhaps?) and Brexit from Mr Johnson, or it look that it’s his anyway it gets a little boring, isn’t it?

Well, here at BBT we will fresh up your day, as we have a lot of exciting new products this week…

Let’s start with the new silver weld through panels we received recently…

As a first we have the side panels for the pick-up truck, these are the panels from the rockers all the way up to the loading bed…. We started production of the short ones first (from the side of the treasure chest) what we can deliver from our shelves now.

The long ones are under development, but the tooling takes a little longer as expected.


0890-949 Side flank short left pick-up (single cab) – Bus -07/62



0890-951 Side flank short right pick-up (single cab) – Bus -07/62



To continue with the very specific bulkhead for the single cab pick-up truck… this does not have the embossement  below to create the extra foot space like a bus….

 The double cab uses the same as the normal (late model) bus.


0890-797 Bulkhead Pick-up – Bus -07/67 BBT


And we add also a couple of C posts this week… the C post is the post right behind the cargo door that holds the hinges of your rear cargo door… the complete C-post for left side 03/55-12/60 we supply already longer time under BBT ref 0890-920, so now we have the family complete

0890-921 C-post Complete Right, cargodoor – Bus 03/55-12/60




0890-922 C-post Complete Left, cargodoor – Bus 12/60-07/67




0890-923 C-post Complete Right, cargodoor – Bus 12/60-07/67



To mount your window washer rubber line to your window washer bottle you will need this very specific nut.

The exactly like original rubber window washer hose we deliver from our shelves under BBT ref 2462

2462-100 Washerhose nut


We’ve been way too long out of the valve adjuster screws for Type 1 engines. The simple reason was we didn’t find anything to match the by us required quality!

The top of the screw that touch the valve needs to have a certain hardness. We tested many parts on the market, but only this one fulfilled our requirements.

Want to do the test  on your adjusting screws? Very easy, put a file on the top, if the file bytes into the metal your metal is too soft, unfortunately. If the file goes over the metal like you filing on glass or a mirror (or at least You get that feeling) your screws are hard enough. Simple and efficient…:)

The ones we stock now are good and tested to correct hardness on a Rockwell hardness tester.

To assure the correct hardness, buy ours, there’s no better on the market….

Don’t blow your engine because of stupid incorrect cheap valve adjusting screws.


1784-15 Stock style adjuster screw rocker arm (1 pc) – German


Yes they’re back!!

The BBT 25/30Din Hp (that’s 36 SAE for our American friends) camshafts for as well the stock engines, as the “Okrasa” style for the vintage speed engines.

We supply also the correct BBT camgear for these camshafts under BBT ref 1624-900 and cam gear bolts under BBT ref 1623-900.


1629-90 Camshaft T1 25-30HP BBT

1629-91 Camshaft T1 25/30HP Okrasa BBT



The BBT News team wish you a wonderful and exciting weekend…

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