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While South of Europe still has “heat waves”, in Western Europe fall made its entrance with a Bang…  rain, rain rain and overcast skies… we always hated that, but with the hot summers lately we start to like it… not good for our cars though… but it’s good for nature…

What’s good for you? Well we have a selection of  new items that arrived lately in our always expanding BBT program. if you need something you know where to find….:)


The flimsy quality from the rear corners under your back seat was the only quality left when VW Mexico ceased production, due to export regulations from VW Germany.

A German company who aims for quality just like we do, tooled up and made the perfect replacement for what Volkswagen wouldn’t deliver anymore.

Stamped out of galvanised correct gauge steel, especially for the outer reinforcement panel which is made from 1.4mm steel!

Also all holes perfectly line up and the fit is exactly like original.

Happy we can again offer these panels in a top quality here!

0877-150 Inner rear corner left – Beetle 08/67- TQ


0878-150 Inner rear corner right – Beetle 08/67- TQ


To stay with metal parts we took these hinges in our program, because we ran out of used ones… The hinges are for the late Bay window engine lid. They will fit all Bay window with the “hook” hinges built from 1975 model year all the way up till end of production in July 1979.

Originally one of these hinges was welded and one screwed to the body, but most easy is to fix them both with a countersink screw.

0157-260 Hinges engine lid (pair) – Bus 08/75-07/79


We love Vanagon T25/T3 and their drivers… out of demand from them we come up with this easy to read manual for the Diesel powered Vanagon T25/T3 … from now on in our BBT program.

9335-100 Workshop manual diesel/turbodiesel 16/1700 – Bus 07/79-08/92


Airmighty n°36 has arrived on our shores and ready for delivery on our shelves!

9496-36 Airmighty 36


Anybody who knows beetle engines will always notice at first glimpse, if the rubber boots on the generator are in place, when you open the engine lid. It’s a small part and your beloved Volkswagen will drive without happily as well, but it’s that finishing touch, that small detail and original finishing… it tells a lot about how detailed the whole engine is. Although never a guarantee, a nicely finished engine is a well maintained engine and boosts trust and reliable prospectives….:)

We have them back in stock, ready for you available from our shelves…

1960-500 Rubber boot for generator cable for connection D+ and DF 12Volt


We got also a new load from this upper brake fluid reservoir for your bay window built from August 1972 till July 1979.

1257-24 Brake fluid fill reservoir – Late Bay window bus 08/72-07/79

This transmission cradle used to come from VW do Brazil. After they ceased production because of export regulations dictated by Volkswagen Germany we ran out of stock.  But now we found a worthy alternative and stock it again.

This cradle can also be used after 1972 if you change your transmission mounts with our BBT ref  1481 or 1481-100

1489 Gearbox mount – Beetle/KG -07/72, Bus 50-07/67, Type3, Type181



0393-510 Sliding roof handle kit – Bus 05/79-08/92

27 euro excl.

7565-200 Seal for front side reflector lens – Bus 08/67-07/70

6,75 euro excl.

The BBT News team wishes you a wet and relaxed weekend, enjoy the rain, while wrenching your cars!

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