4 sale; Porsche 944 rear suspension, ultimate braking power for your Volkswagen IRS suspenion

With the engine in the rear Aircooled Volkswagens relay way more on rear braking power as just any other automobiles… therefore strong and good rear brakes are fundamental for a good aircooled beetle or Ghia.

The aluminum rear trailing arms are stronger and lighter as the original steel trailing arms from your IRS beetle and are better for the track. The spring plates (2 pairs + 1 extra) are adjustable for perfect set up. Sorry,no brake calipers, but they’re not hard to find.

We used to convert many cars back in the day, and have some left overs we like to sell. It’s a full set with a bunch of spares

Don’t need big money, make me a reasonable offer and they’re yours… Bob@BBT4vw.com

All information and contact, only by email please on Bob@BBT4vw.com

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