BBT News, special pick up edition.

What we didn’t understand this week in the news was why Trump tried to buy Greenland, he’s not a green boy at all, maybe he wanted to buy his soul into heaven? Thanks God he failed, imagin we could start buying and selling countries, what speculation would that start to exist! Meanwhile we prepared for you a special pick up edition from our Newspost on Friday, Single and double cabs are cool, aren’t they?


Let’s start with the “dark side” of your single cab pick up truck, the treasure chest Walhalla…

To make  treasure chest related parts as complete as we could we like to launch all the treasure chest related parts here at the same moment, so we got all your treasure chest nightmare problems solved in one step!

The whole treasure chest set up is now easily and simply unleashed and only a couple of mouse clicks away. Or ask your BBT dealer or sales contact to help you out, we’re here to help …

Let’s start with the treasure chest, what a cool part  we’re finally  able to sell!

For sure there’s a lot of Single cab pick-up trucks that need a new treasure chest door. BBT brings the solution with our extreme high reproduction treasure chest door up to 1965. Made in a multiple stamp process and assembled on state of the art professional jigs, we guarantee a perfect fit. Exactly like an original NOS part will do, but at a fraction of the price.  Made as part of our world-famous Silver Weld through program.It’s another bus part we’re very proud of. We’re 100% positive this part can help many of the single cab pick up truck owners. Order yours now through your local BBT dealer.

0168-160 Treasure chest door single cab – Bus -07/65 BBT


Let’s continue the trip with the parts behind the treasure chest, and there we find the pick up specific floor plates, the floor plate near to the treasure chest has a specific stamping where the lock comes  because the lock of a treasure chest is just different as the lower closing of a Kombi cargo door. The floor plate on the opposite side of the treasure chest is a regular Kombi  floor plate, depending what side treasure chest you have the opposite side is either BBT 0890-74 or 0890-75.

As for all of our Silver Weld through panels  we  guarantee a perfect fit on our floor plates . All of our panels are made from original Volkswagen models for original Volkswagen models.


0890-746 Floor plate single cab treasure chest left – Bus -07/67 BBT


0890-756 Floor plate single cab treasure chest right – Bus -07/67 BBT


Not only the floor plate on the treasure chest side is different from a Kombi also the rocker under the treasure chest is different from a Kombi one. This rocker panel is very specific and runs the entire pick up production from start of production all the way up to the end of the model year 1971.

Also this rocker is part of BBT’s silver weld through program and a perfect fit is guaranteed with that!


0890-316 Sill under treasure chest door single cab (complete) – Bus -07/71 BBT


BBT still has the intention to deliver every single body part for your bus,and also for your pick up truck. After our roofs we got a lot of request for the rain gutters too. Knowing that a Single Cab pick up rain gutter is different from a Kombi, believe us or not. No mountain to high, no ocean to deep, we dragged down a set of original Single cab pick up rain gutters, that were NOT for the faint at hearted! But we succeeded and hereby we’re proud to present our pick up truck rain gutters.

Our rain gutters are gauranteed 100% perfect fit and many times an essential part when you change the roof of your beloved pick up truck. The roofs for single cab pick up BBT stock under BBT # 0890-840

BBT single cab rain gutters are sold each.


0890-888 Roof gutter right single cab – Bus 03/55-07/67 BBT



0890-889 Roof gutter left single cab – Bus 03/55-07/67 BBT




Last but not least today we want to present you the rear drop gate to your pick up truck, fits single AND double cabs, and actually fits all pick up from the beginning of production all the way up to end of bay window production in July 1979. The pressing might be slightly different, as for splittie there’s not an oval pressing above the hinges, but that’s really it ..The smell, taste, looks and fit are 100% the same.

How many Volkswagen pick up trucks do you know that DON’T need a rear drop gate? For sure you know more DO need a rear drop gate, now you can spread the word, BBT has the rear drop gates for all years split and bay window pick up!

Of course your logical next question is when the side gates will be ready and that answer is simple, they’re nearly ready. But to start with we will have only the single cab up to 1967. The 68-79 are slightly longer and will follow on a later date.


0168-155 Drop gate rear Pick-up – Bus -07/79 BBT




Some very interesting parts came back in stock last week, a small distraction of what was a longer as good for you time not available and now available from our shelves again.

1930-010 deflector plate under generator support

2528 Wheel spacer 6 mm 4 lug

2529 Wheel spacer 25 mm 4 lug / short (steel wheel)

2529-1 Wheel spacer 25 mm 4 lug / long (alu-wheel)

More than likely we don’t understand how lucky we are that we have again  the chance to present these cool new products. We like to thank you for following our BBT News every week and try to present the parts to our best knowledge. If you should have any suggestions or some advice feel free to share in our comment section of our blog, or email to

We wish you all a very wonderful weekend with a lot of sweet surprises in your private Volkswagen paradise…

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