Meet report; Aircooled Classics in Lier (BE) was cool and cozy!

It seems to get smaller every year, so time for the organisers to re think their format, but… it stays cool and cozy, Aircooled Classics in Lier is a must do on the Belgian show calendar…

The BBT crew brought out a couple of cars as always…:)

Cars rolled in as there was a machine behind…:)

Loaded to the top!

My personal pick for the weekend, cool to see a car that stood out!

What color honeypon?

Always cool to see ex BBT buses…..

Vintage line up was rather small, but never the less a lot of cool stuff to see!

On the Vintage part of the show there was a Vintage band playing…

Crazy cool “back in the day” transformation, still alive and driving!

Live on stage, a cool rock tribute band before the markee, good dancing music for a lazy sunday afternoon!

With this cool type 34 Ghia we say good-bye on this show report… as all can see we had a lovely sunday, and the weather was… well… HOT!…

See you next year, last sunday of August, in Lier Belgium…

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