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After the heat wave of last week it looked like everything came down this week, everybody was so relaxed, maybe still licking one’s wounds from the sunburn…:)

We, @ BBT HQ, continued to unpack more sheet metal… The people in the warehouse liked it a lot when it was 15°  less warm than last week and worked hard, very hard! We’re close to getting each single piece of sheet metal in stock which Volkswagen ever made to build a VW bus. So whatever part is rusty or rotten, we shall have the replacement part and if we don’t have it, it will come soon! Normally the aim is to finish this entire project by the end of the year!

So let us introduce the C Post (behind the cargo door) and the D post next to the tailgate and also the front chassis member, especially that last part is a mastercraft of engineering…


0890-920 C-post complete left, cargodoor – Bus 03/55-12/60


0890-641 Chassis section complete front left – Bus -07/67 TQ
0890-651 Chassis section complete front right – Bus -07/67 TQ


0890-926 D-post complete left – Bus 03/55-07/63
0890-927 D-post Complete Right – Bus 03/55-07/63



We finally got our roof racks back in stock. Is your beetle still without it and do you like period accessories? The roof rack will always do… real cool grey frame with real hardwood slats… get yours now!

0487 Roof rack – Beetle (grey lacquered)




9390-200 Bentley Manual Type 3 1961-1967 (English)

€ 94.50 excl.


9390-210 Bentley Manual Type 3 1968-1973 (English)

€ 36.00 excl.


3212 Bobcat exhaust, 1 1/2 inch (Ø 38 mm), black

€ 74.97 excl.



3266 Muffler MONDO ceramic coated

€ 90.00 excl.


The end of the week is the start of the weekend, a weekend where we will dream about more Volkswagen parts, because now we recognise our addiction, we talk about it openly, we’re VW parts addicted big time!

The BBT news team wishes you a wonderful VW parts weekend too! ….:)

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