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The European VW crazy weeks are officially over. Now the last international guests returned  home and life falls back into normal pace. It is cool  looking back. We have to thank everybody who came by, either at our Open house, the Convoy, Bad Camberg and/or European Bug In, or one of the festivities in between… didn’t we had a ball???  Many people agreed, our VW community is a good one and therefore we’re here to stay!  Drive that VW and be part of it, there is no cooler world than the VW world. To help with all that we have another set of cool products added to our program last week to make you’re VW life even more easy and enjoyable!

Keep on VW motoring!



Let’s start with the gaskets we had already long time in the shop. We brought these finally on to the shelves of our general program and are happy to present them here.

The USA and Europe didn’t always had  equal model changes and for one or another dark and unknown reason USA models got a taillight update in 1970 to a model that has never been introduced in Europe. So these taillight seals are 1970 up to 1972 for USA specs taillights ONLY!!

These seals will  fit no way any European model.

These taillight seals are sold by the pair.

0742-200 Taillight seal pair – 12-1300 Beetle and 1302 superbeetle 08/70-07/72 USA specs only


Furthermore we brought in some extra carburetor parts, because of popular demand.

First is the gasket that connects the Kadron (or Kadron style) carburetor to the inlet manifold. To be correct you will have to change these gaskets every time you loosen the carburetor from its manifold.

Sometimes they still might be good, but for sure it will be no luxury to have a set of spare gaskets  on your shelf in case something happens.

2180-101 Gasket under Kadron carburetor pair


Same with the gasket for the Kadron air cleaner base. This is the gasket that sits between the top of the carburetor and the air cleaner. For sure this is meant so that dirty air cannot be  sucked into the carburetor without passing the filter element. We  sell these by the pair.

2180-501 Air cleaner base gasket Kadron pair


Because of immense popular demand we decided to stock the standard main jet for your stock carburetor in diameter 130. This little jet can fix a lot of your problems, when your engine is running lean or rich. For sure this should be installed by people who know  carburetors pretty well.

This main jet fits either your original Solex 30PICT and all later models but also all Brosol and Kadron carburetors.

Sold each.

2194-0-130 Main jet 130 Solex/Brosol/Empi


New Airmighty no. 35 (already!) now for sale in our book departement. Another edition packed with all what tastes nice, pure VW porn for the real enthusiast, maybe it’s not that much about Volkswagen, but especially about VW life style! Get yours now!

9496-35 Airmighty 35




1941-204 Pulley belt T25 airco Type 25 10×625

1,99 euro excl.


1697-200 Diesel filter Type 25 05/88-07/92

5,85 euro excl.



That was it for this week, we’re very happy to be back on track and even we like the European crazy VW weeks a lot, we’re happy to be back to normal and serve you at a normal pace…

BBT News team wishes you a very relaxing (VW) weekend….

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