The Kelley Park VW show report…

Kelley Park, in San Jose California, is a historical site for trains and buildings. It’s the perfect venue for a VW show, been there several times, every times I’m surprised how cool the setting really is!

Some teaser pictures for You!

Who’s next to the bus? The real famous Belgian Benny? that guy is just everywhere…:)

How low can You go?

Back to the eighties!

Wide wheels or too small car?

Caught Shin by surprise…:)

Never saw wheels like this before, pretty special to me!

ok enough playtime, back on the road, let’s make a trek up north? Why? Well wait and see!

Yeah, we all love weed… LOL… Weed is a cool little town completly North in California…

Endless straights ahead of me…. sometimes we just need 5000 miles don’t we?

Will be continued!

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