Kelley Park weekend in Northern California, be my guest!

Back in California for a weekend full of fun! Kelley park weekend is the most busy VW weekend up north here!

Friday starts off with Mark Merrill’s unbelievable open house, this is such a great show where Friends always gather and welcome you!

Two ovals in a racing crash scene? Only at Merrill’s!

Inside Mark’s building houses one of the most incredible VW collections of the world, plse follow me…

The host of the day… Mark himself!

Beautiful airshot by Shin, from Hot VW’s fame! Thanks for taking my camera Shin!

Saturday is the Red Barn bus meet, but not at Red Barn anymore…

World-famous Belgian Benny greetz all VW fans together with his big buddy Kimbel!

Hey Benny, is that a new hat you just bought????

Red Barn is a big and totally not crowded show, real VW bus atmosphere!

Followed my buddy Francisco in his OG paint Palm and sand green for a while … that was cool…:)

Oh, did You ever see the Los Angeles skyline when You fly in from the east to LAX? Quiet amazing!

Breakfast with my buddy Reed… aren’t we cute? Btw thanks or that breakfast Heather, that’s the best breakfast that I ever had in the entire USA!

and hanging out with my buddies Andre and his lovely girlfriend Angela, yes we had a great time!

Behind the scenes! This was how Shin went up the roof from Mark’s building… brave man!!

To finish this post i want to share a beautiful picture of Thomas Niedernhofers beautiful original A coupe, that is finally back on the road! Congratulations Tom!

Ok I try to give You full coverage of Kelley park tomorrow… stay tuned!

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