Freddy files in Ninove was a cool show and declared the VW season for open!

Last Sunday FFFastFred and his team put on his yearly VW show downtown Ninove

Despite bad weather forecasts almost 600 VW’s showed up, and real cool ones too!

Some “atmosphere” captures…

DJ Kweenoni as always took care for the music!

Fre was swapping…:)

Bob’s pick was this ubercool single cab on air, almost daily driven, this bus burst from detail!



How Low can you go?

And what You think You looking at?

Ubercool Westfalia trailer towed by an oval window beetle…

Patina zwitter anyone?

We had a great time sunday, hopefully next edition is better weather again…. Thanks for putting this on FFFred… this is and stays a real cool show!



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