Update on our Beetle front Fenders up to 1959!

Since two years we do work on our tooling for the Beetle front fenders up to 1959, with the correct metal thickness the right radius, correct hump next to the headlight bowl, the perfect “bump” for the running board, the “flat’ on the returning edge etc etc, all in short a perfect reproduction fender for your Pre 1959 VW beetle,

Yes, we will carry the different horn grills….

We’re happy we can announce now the third step tooling is finished and prototypes are rolling of the presses as we speak!

As always said, this fender is made in cast tooling in a three main step way, with some smaller “steps” down the road… it is exactly how Volkswagen made these back in the day, and they’re pressed upright, as that’s the only way we will get the correct hump next to the headlight bowl!

For You some pictures of the evolving prototype “1” what’s almost ready to send to BBT HQ for test fitting later this week….

Stay tuned on our Blog to follow this BBT adventure and learn when things will become available worldwide!

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