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Wow, what a week, it looked like a rollercoaster more as a week full of VW parts. And do we like rollercoasters? You bet!

The euro goes down, the dollar goes up, Mr Trump doesn’t get money for “his” wall, Chinese or Russian government could try to spread propaganda for next Belgian elections in May, still no Brexit, the youth strikes for climate each Thursday afternoon, will they continue during holidays soon to come? Without mentioning they fly every other month or so on holidays themselves, it’s nice to see this big engagement of the young people. We didn’t experience it anymore since May 1968, did we? If you study all that, we don’t understand why people still watch soaps on Netflix. Real life is so much more exciting! We’re enjoying full force, come  and join us…:)

And our VW life is even more exciting! The BBT train is driving hard, non stop. Also this week we have several new products to present to you. You make us keep on going!

Big issue we had with the manufacturer of our early beetle & bus door handles . Totally unsatisfied with the quality for a while, they wanted to make even worse. NOT with BBT, we want it better, so simply we couldn’t come to an agreement. New supply was searched and located!

This makes BBT ref 0425-50 is no longer available.

Our new door handles for your beloved bus are top-notch! They feel and look like original. Extreme high quality and actually as original.

They even come with the correct key!

Door handles up to 1961 are for the doors without recess for the door handle. They feature a high base with a long “hook” to touch the lock. They’re used for beetles up to 1955 and buses up to 1961.

The door handles from 61-63 are for the doors with stamped recess for your door handles. They feature a flat base and short hook, easy to recognize!

0425-520 Door latch – Bus -07/61, Beetle 07/55 drivers side with keys TQ

0425-525 Door latch – Bus -07/61, Beetle 07/55  passenger side, without keys TQ

0425-530 Door latch – Bus 08/61-11/63 drivers side with keys TQ

0425-535 Door latch – Bus 08/61-11/63 , passenger side, without keys TQ

Because we do love the splittie buses so much, we also add the 15 inch bus wheel to our range this week. They go from Post barndoor (April 1955) all the way up to December 1963 when VW decided 14 inch was enough for your bus.

Wheels look like original, and are finished as you can expect from a steel wheel, nicely primered ready to paint in your favourite color.

Sold each.

2564-215 Wheel standard – 4.5 x 15 – Bus 1955-12/63 – grey painted




0492-131 Fuel tap for Porsche 09/61+03/66  (356BT6 – 356C)

31,50 euro/pc excl.


0492-132 Gasket filter bowl fuel tap for Porsche 356 03/55-03/66

0,90 euro/pc excl.


0492-134 Filter bowl fuel tap for Porsche 356 03/55-03/66

2,25 euro/pc excl.


0492-135 Nut fuel tap for Porsche 356 03/55-03/66

0,99 euro/pc excl.



We all like to wish you a very happy weekend, enjoy, party and celebrate, we’re sure you’ll find a reason good enough… and think about our kids and their future. Hopefully they can enjoy Volkswagen as much as we always have… on a livable planet.

Rain or sunshine, we’re back next Friday with more BBT News.

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