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It’s Friday, it’s BBT news day… with the cold week behind us, Belgium was the whole week covered in snow. The white powder is different as anything else and yes, we do enjoy it, when it’s not staying too long… well tonight temperatures will go up and by tomorrow the white cover will be gone… this is how things go… especially the weather.

But that doesn’t mean we played and made snow men all week long, exactly not all week long, LOL. No way José, we used the cold time to build BBT further and bring you more products. Top quality products, as always…..


BBT Frederik thought it was about time to stock all the front indicator lenses, together with BBT Arjan he teamed up, traced the best available lenses down and brought them into the BBT program. Easy to shop for you now as we dug out everything! Replace that old worn out or missing lens with one of our brand new replacement lenses…


0616-491 Front indicator lens orange – Bus -07/63, KG -07/57, Beetle -07/57 export (USA) TQ


0616-490 Front indicator lens clear – Bus -07/63, KG -07/57, Beetle -07/57 export (USA)

We had this one already, but publish here to complete the line up.


0616-300  Front indicator lens orange – KG 08/57-07/63 TQ


0616-301 Front indicator lens clear – KG 08/57-07/63 TQ


0616-305  Front indicator lens orange – KG 08/63-07/69, Type3 -07/69

This used to be BBT # 0646, but we relocated to this part no. for easier navigation and put it here to complete the line up.


0616-306 Front indicator lens clear – KG 08/63-07/69, Type3 -07/69 TQ


In our bus upholstery line we add now these door panels. High quality and ready available from our stocks. If you need beige door panels for your T2 bus, we have them for you, no waiting and special order anymore….:)

0552-501 Door panels Bus – 08/67-07/79 beige (front only left and right)

T25/T3 vanagon lovers beware, now we got your engine seal back in stock… same great quality, same low price, order yours now…..

0790-200 Engine compartment seal – Bus 05/79-07/92 (air-cooled)

We come to the end of our weekly news and are happy we could provide once again all these new lines. For any suggestions, advice or errors we always appreciate your feedback, only together we can build a better VW world. Enjoy a happy weekend!

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