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This week all headlines are about Brexit… the agreement prime minister May made with EU commission was defeated by the British parlement. So now we’re awaiting if there’s really coming a hard Brexit or if there will be a new vote and maybe no Brexit after all? Who will tell? It’s certain that a hard Brexit will be bad for business, especially in the UK. They will shoot themselves back in time, and not a little bit for sure…

But the UK is the UK and will stay UK forever, nobody can tell what really will happen until it does happen, and that’s the same with the new products we have prepared for you this week. These are surely arrived and available from today, this is what happened at BBT this week…:)


To start with the seal for the taillight between the housing and the lens (or bezel to be more preciously) this seal is always worn out, so a replacement is always good to have on hand when working on your taillights….. Now we have both models in stock ready for delivery.

0680-01 Seal lens/housing taillight – Beetle 08/61-07/73, 13/1500 -07/67

Also available: 0680 Chrome replacement ring for taillight, each



0680-51 Seal lens/housing taillight – Beetle 08/67-07/73, 1302

Also available: 0680-5 Chrome taillight replacement ring – Beetle 13/1500 08/67-07/73, 1302



If the carpet in your rear luggage compartment (behind your rear seat) needs replacement, we stock now the full carpet kit to do that. Economical, and easy to install this gives your beetle a nice and clean look again, also through the rear window… Our kits are soft for your kids to sit on. Where you also fighting back in the day with your sister or brother to sit behind the rear seat? Most of us did….memories….:)

0590-010 Rear complete carpet kit convertible – Beetle 71-72


We enlarge monthly our line of Bay Window seat covers, this month is no different…now we got the brown walk-through covers for the early bay  permanently in stock.

3165-502 Front seat covers brown walk-through – Bus 08/67-07/72 basket weave – (vertical seams)



The spacer for the front wheel bearings are back in stock! Order yours now.


1361-050 Spacer on spindle for front wheelbearing – Beetle, KG -07/65 BBT




Brexit or no Brexit, we will have to do what decision-makers think that needs to be done (as always) 29 of March is  approaching fast…:)

BBT news team wishes you a very relax and easy-going weekend, keep on buggin’!

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