For sale; Super bus by BBT Spain. Road legal with german TUV!

Our shop in Spain made a “mother of all busses” and went almost “too” far…:) this baby has it all as You can see below;

The bodywork was sandblasted and prepared sheet metal. The colors are (L 325 mouse gray and L 87 pearl white) has safari windows in front and 6 pop out side. Deluxe moldings painted in black with red insert. All the rubbers, headlights and many small miscelious parts are new offcourse

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The interior of 9 seats is in two shades of poly skin, it has a radio with a touch screen. Hour clock, gear lever of Empi. The carpets of the floor is of original type rubber.


The engine is a 2300cc CB performance with throttle bodies of 48mm with an EFI system (electronic fuel injection) and the ignition is MDS. The set gives in test bench a power of +/- 150cv. Runs supersmooth, and the good thing is CB performance can online tune your engine… now that’s nice and something You don’t have to worry…:)

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At first glance this Van seems quite original, but everything good is below. The front axle and steering assembly is replaced by a Red9-Design of independent trapezoids with threaded springs and adjustable Solex dampers modified, with T3 steering rack. The front brakes are 6-piston Porsche, with modified T2B stub axle. Special CSP brake pump. The rear section has the independent suspension arms in aluminum of a Porsche 944 S2 with threaded springs and adjustable Solex gas dampers. The brakes are also 6-piston Porsche 944 S2.


The gearbox is a reinforced Rancho IRS, carries the modified driveshafts of a Porsche 911. The wheels are original Porsche 17 “painted in black.

Just a cool bus and perfect driver.


The bus sits currently in Germany, and passed the complete TUV procedure, everything is “eingetragen”. so road legal in Germany and many more countries, now we’re talking…

because this is not a BBT HQ car we kindly ask to write for all further information to BBT Spain manager Steve on

Steve speaks Spanish, english, french, German, dutch and probably a couple of languages we don’t even know about…:)


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