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This week we got an overdose of news all around us, the funeral of George W. Bush was probably the most human one. The race for the trade war (and global tensions) between USA and China is getting new dimensions, and the US do exactly what they always blamed the Eastern cultures for, force things… now, if you have to copy from your own copycat, how original are you? Kind of hopeless right?

In Europe the Italian maffia has been brutally  waked up  with over 90 people turned in and millions of dollars in cash and luxury goods impounded. But the Italian justice already told  they will overcome soon and being more nasty and use more violence… hopefully they can turn in more and end that bad behaviour of few people who use many others to enrich themselves.

And in our own country a couple of politicians think the migrations pact of the UN is the most important thing going on in this planet. What might be the truth, but not in the way they see it right now. Because here it only gets a political color. Meanwhile the real important things, we all need  laws and guide lines. That’s important. Though not any longer, at least not to those decision makers. A big shame and a huge blame for these politicians, it’s their own fault.

In our wonderful VW world there are only new parts coming, and inventory, we have massive inventory now! Time to help us to get rid of it…:)


We got our new pick up loading bed floor plates. Absolutely not comparable with any other aftermarket floor panel as ours are to very specific and to exact OE standards.

That is including the lip tip, which  folds back over the side panel for mounting. This lip is preformed for easy use.

Our floor plates have a perfect fit and a 100% original look. Or shall we say this is the panel you need to restore your pick up, so you can’t see it’s restored after all, ah! Factory specs available for everybody.

0890-763 Floor plate set single cab pick up front – Bus -07/67 BBT

0890-764 Floor plate set single/double cab pick up rear – Bus -07/67 BBT


Next we have the rubber seal between speedo and dash to get a perfect closure, which avoids the speedo from rattling, and keeps cold air out of the  passenger cabin. From personal experiences it’s also the seal that keeps the speedo tight to the body what gives a stable reading.

Many times missing or simply worn out, you can build it back up like it should, order yours now.

2690-300 Seal for speedometer – Beetle, Bus 03/55-07/67, KG, Type181



We still had two parts from our heater mechanism in our program that needed publishing, well here they are… two small parts, but your heater control will not operate properly without it.

The complete heater control unit you can find here under BBT ref BBT 0729-200

0729-210 Pin for heater cable – Beetle 07/64, Bus -07/67

0729-100 Pin for heater control knob – Beetle -07/64, Bus 07/67


After the Chinese reproduction took forever and still didn’t come we scored these in Germany now and have them back available again.

100% guaranteed E10 resistant as for any other modern fuel available.

Same price better quality with German kudos to your beloved Volkswagen.

0493-990 Seal for fuel tank sender – Super Beetle, Bus 08/73-02/92

We finally got our transmission nose cone seals back in stock as well. Available from our shelves again , especially for you….:)

1419 Seal transmission/chassis – Beetle 08/60-, Typ3, Typ181 BBT

Our last change is a new division with final sales of certain products. Whenever you want those, buy them now as they are going out of our program.

1524-16 cross shaft kit (race) Type1 71-72

1524-35 cross shaft kit (race) Type2 68-70

1524-36 cross shaft kit (race) Type2 71-75

The BBT News team wishes you a very cool weekend, put on the fireplace and make it cosy. Your VW’s will dream about it in their luxury garages, hey, what a life…:)

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