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Yep, another week has gone, and was it worth full? You bet!

In Belgium we’re in the middle of a political crisis about migration (again) and our government is about to fall, not bad, it seated over three years…:) Human disasters I heard in Yemen, and in Mexico where the Central American refugees try to enter the USA… it’s sad to see, but it has to say that these people should be hopeless. Or do they wish to emigrate because they think everything is for free in the Western world? Free? Yes, but someone has to pay the bills, and if I see my tax bill I know I’m one of the few who do… and that’s exactly what the discussion in our government is all about…

Ah, what an easy living world full of wonders we may live in our daily life, the wonderful world of our Volkswagens. That’s exactly what we did this whole week en some new arrivals made it pretty interesting to do….

Let us introduce you  bus steering wheels, perfect for your bay window, early or late-model. We’re happy that we found a good solution in a fairly good quality. Very nicely finished and working the whole deal.  Replace that worn out dangerous cracked steering wheel for one of our top-notch reproductions…

Available for late-model as early-model Bay window, for split window bus we serve the steering wheel under BBT ref 9585 & 9586

2702-300 Steering wheel – Bus 08/67-10/73

2702-400 Steering wheel – Bus 11/73-07/79


Next we added some items for Karmann Ghia to our ever-growing range of Ghia parts. We like these little cars, and really see them as our little sporty car of the range.

After the license light lenses BBT ref 0689-500 we thought it should be handy to replace these together with the seals, so we bring you the seals now…

0759-61 License plate lens seal (pair) – Karmann Ghia

Next product we brought in this week is very specific for Karmann Ghia convertible, as it’s always broken or missing we thought this would be a perfect product to stock for your Ghia. It’s the plastic cover over the seam from the rear panel left and right behind the B-pillar.

They come in ABS kind of plastic exactly like original, for the right looks, and because it’s for a Ghia, in the right style. Order yours now!

0759-180 Protective cover under convertible top, behind B-pillar – Karmann Ghia convertible (pair)

This week we got finally our reverse light switches back in stock after way too long being unavailable.

Ready on our shelves for immediate delivery…

1495 Switch reverse light

The BBT News Team wish you a peaceful weekend, avoid thinking about politics and migration, and sweet dreams about our Volkswagens. Enjoy!

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