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Midterm elections have been the talk of the week, and mass shooting in the US, but also the wildfires in Northern California dominated the news. In our little Belgium the big thing was that they found out there were no females anymore in the comittee of our National Bank. Though how bad is that when your house is on fire in Northern California? Or have you been rejected any further access to the White House by King president Mr. Trump himself?

But the sun keeps on shining in Western Europe, really beautiful autumn to enjoy, so gentlemen start your Volkswagens…:) What a wonderful world we live in….:)

This week we’ve got loads of back orders in, our Goods In dept. is  working overtime to get everything in our shelves. Meanwhile we also have these two cool new products to introduce…


This weeks kick off is for the flasher box for 1966 and 1967 buses, beetles and Ghia’s, but only for the export versions. With all US car imports we get more demand for those. We had them longer time in our shop program, but we’ve decided to make them a real part no. because of popular demand.

Several (Re)productions are on the market, we chose the perfect Wolfsburg West one as that’s the only one where all pins have the right color and are in the right position. Actually this is exactly like the original part including the cool blue color, except that there’s a Wolfsburg West logo on it…

0685-200 Turn signal flasher unit 12 Volt (9 pins) – Bus 08/66-07/67, Beetle/KG 08/66-12/67 Export

Next we have a new diameter of vacuum/fuel line added to our program. This new vacuum/fuel line is exactly the same as our BBT ref 0972, but with an inner diameter of 3.2mm.

3.2mm is the perfect size for the return on your T25/T3 Vanagon diesel injectors, even VW recommends 3.5mm in the books. This 3.2mm diameter is the only correct one, as if you look a little further there is also the end cap in the VW books 3.2mm… which means the line should be 3.2mm as well…

Tested and approved by our quality department, this is the line to have for this job!

0972-100 Vacuum/Fuel hose Ø 3.2mm (per meter)

After longer as we wanted (because of chroming issues) finally we got the Original VW licensed VW hub caps back in stock. Ready in our shelves for delivery!

2501-02 Hub cap -65 Genuine chrome – BBT


We also received a new container from Mahle piston and liner kits and have all references back in stock ready for delivery…


Seat cover set sedan 60-65 (front & rear) pea green with white collar

TMI43-1124-25-15W  € 200.00/set

BBT News team wishes you a really lovely sunny autumn weekend, enjoy the beautiful colors nature gives you for free this time of the year!

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