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Wow, what another week we had, while “far” right Jair Bolsonaro won the elections in Brazil (what will that give in the relationship with our suppliers?) Trump tweeted that he will “shoot” at the refugees from Central America (if they throw rocks), Italy is hit by really bad weather and Venice is about to disappear forever. In Belgium we had first real autumn weather, but as we’re already tired of it, the forecast for next week looks more like spring weather to me! Will we have the new perfect climate? Well we’re almost there….:)

That said and being busy monitoring all the above in our heads, we worked hard to make the Volkswagen world also a better one in the past couple of days. We have a couple of real cool new products and the New Airmighty is out as well!

Especially for all the T25/T3 Vanagon lovers we have this new panel now available. Frequently the seam on the lower left central panel is too far corroded (or even completely gone) to save. Now we have this panel, that covers the lower 20 cm ( about 7′) from the rocker up. Together with the rocker (BBT 0892-300) this new panel makes the perfect repair and keeps your seams exactly where they are designed to be. When you take your time to mount this panel, your bus will look EXACTLY like original.

ACHTUNG! This is not a repair panel to weld over the old panel. This panel replaces the old panel, so you need to cut out the old panel and replace. If you like to repair, we sell the repair panel under BBT ref 0892-240.

0892-310 Center side panel left 20cm – Bus 05/79-07/92

The Volkswagen buses have a tank filler, that  was connected to the body with a rather fragile rubber during a lot production years . We call this rubber : the filler neck hose. The filler neck hose for the T3/T25 Vanagon from the first 3 production years was pretty specific. We carried this filler neck hose already longer in our shop program (part numbers starting with a W- ) under BBT ref W635-11024, but because of popular demand we brought this rubber now in our general range under BBT ref 0492-860.

Other filler neck hoses you can find clicking HERE.

0492-860 Filler neck hose – Bus 05/79-07/92


Bay window lovers aware! VW do Brasil brought out this close to perfection license late light on their later model Bay windows. This is a really good product. Although with its rounded corners the model differs slightly in design, the fit is perfect on ALL model bay window buses built between 72-79. Perfect fit and perfect seal, and looks real good.

These lenses are original VW do Brasil.
Comes complete with seal and 12 volt bulb.

7569-505 License light assembly – Bus 08/71-07/79 OE VW Brazilian model

And last but not least this week the new Airmighty came in, order yours now!

9496-32 Airmighty 32


Back in stock after too long unavailability. Mounting belts for the fuel tanks for your beloved split window buses!

0492-91 Mounting belt fuel tank – Bus- 03/55-07/67 pair


The BBT news team wishes you a real relax weekend. Get spooky and enjoy Halloween!

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