For sale: A real virgin 1967 Type 3 1600TL Fastback, real time wrap with only 5762 OG km still on its original tires!

Super virgin Type 3 with only 5762 ORIGINAL kilometers on the clock!! 

Very interesting history and still rolling on its original tires!
The best original Type 3 we ever had!!
They don’t come any better, grab your chance.



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  1. Hi Inaka
    that’s nice to know! one family owner is always nice… hopefully yours is in the same nice condition..

    kind regards

  2. JL by time wrap we want to say its wrapped in time, its not official language but a wide spread slang.. time warp is not the same, and has no meaning in this context… so we decided to stay with time wrap after we discussed internal in BBT with Jerry, a native british tongue… he says it is really understood widely what we wanted to express even its not “official Vocabulary ”

    but thanks again for your rematks…

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