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Welcome at BBT News this week.

Bathing in a cool autumn sun, Belgium was quiet this week, until our “IRS” unfolded a real big fraud investigation in the Belgian soccer world. Loads of simultaneous house searches, impound tons of paperwork and some trainers, referees and brokers arrested… nothing is what it seems to be, so we’re really happy we’re not a part of the soccer world and stay cosy in our “clean” Volkswagen world…:)

This week some cool new products and a Back in stock worth mentioning after a longer than normal time of unavailability.

In our Bus metal silver weld through sheet metal program, two new items arrived this week. The rear outriggers for buses up to 1959. This is the rather weird-looking “double” outrigger right before the rear suspension. Now available from our stocks.

0890-62L Chassis outrigger rear left – Bus -12/59 TQ

0890-62R Chassis outrigger rear right – Bus -12/59 TQ

For the split window beetle lovers we have the light and wiper switch knobs from the dashpods available now in either ivory or black color. Many times broken because of age these are perfect replacements! Sold by the pair and readily available from our stocks.

0636-930 Light switch button bakelite ivory – Beetle -09/52 pair

0636-935 Light switch button bakelite black – Beetle -09/52 pair


The bumper horns for our stainless bumpers 0007-3 and 0008-3 came back in stock this week. The perfect fit to dress your car in that ubercool European look.

0009-2 Bumperguard stainless steel chromed – Beetle -07/67 European model BBT





1394 Sway bar front lowered Type1 -64  € 72.00


0524-910 Vintage Speed universal doorpulls  € 22.50/pair



The BBT news team wishes all our readers a very relaxing weekend, it’s time to vote in Belgium this weekend and we will have soon new local politicians, who will make our new local laws, ah, can’t wait on that!

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