Test fitting the cargo doors.

Last week we received the cargo doors in our world renown silver weld-through primer for test fitting. Boy do these look good!

Randy dropped everything and started working on the doors. We had to find a suitable bus to test them in, we couldn’t find anything better other than Bob’s very original double-door samba.

We’re not going to say that the hinges just slipped in, nothing is straight forward with a old VW, but the hinges made it in position and were bolted in. Now we could test the overall shape; of course this is the off-tool sample so the edge was not clean and needed to be worked.

The main issue was hinge alignment, for the rest it was a very good sample. With our list of remarks, we shipped the doors back to the factory. They will address these issues to produce a set of doors that are only the highest quality. Because here at BBT, quality matters!

Here are some photos of the test fitting.



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