Loading up the bus for Dottore Ferrari and heading North.

Days in California always fly by fast, guess that comes because everything is so far and between, and man spend hours in the car…

Anyway after the weekend festivities I headed more South to see some suppliers and pick up a bus from my friend Eddy that I recently sold to a very nice Italian gentlemen by the name of Dottore Ferrari. Same name but not connected too in case You ask yourself..:)


Dottore Ferrari is on his side a very close friend from my Italian friend Giovanni and so do friends make the world turn around…:)


All loaded up and ready for the trek back North…  we had the cross Low Angeles tha big City! We’re happy to share the skyline with all of you, we took from the 101 Freeway…


We stopped briefly in Oxnard to checked out a car. The seller lived literally on the beach. We thought it was nice and for the very first time ever I spend some time at the beach in California for a little, believe me or not! The picture is the proof! ah! Everything got its first, isn’t it?


We continued the trip, stopped by some supplier and customer along the way up north… and we also stopped at the Cuchuma lake along HWY 154 the San Marco Pass road, its pretty impressive and very big lake!


And the bus on the trailer? She liked it all! Dottore Ferrari your bus is sound and safe at the shippers now and will be home soon!




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  1. THANK YOU!!! I’m Ferrari and the bus on the cart I like it so much !! I hope you’ll arrive soon. I can not wait to come and get it at the BBT, and drive it home to Italy. It will be a good opportunity to review you and your beautiful company

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