Kiel Germany, back in the day, on the street and in, the junkyards…

Recently we got a bunch of super cool pictures from Kiel Germany from long ago, real cool street views and junkyard pictures, off course with a bunch of our aircooled favorites, enjoy!

Find the seven beetles in this picture…:)

13118-Kielstadtarchivfotos_900 (7)_resized1015-fotos_8227_resized13118-Kielstadtarchivfotos_900 (6)_resized1015-fotos_8221_resized

Oval window or single cab?

13118-Kielstadtarchivfotos_900 (5)_resized1015-fotos_8220_resized

Crewcab anyone?

13118-Kielstadtarchivfotos_900 (4)_resized

13118-Kielstadtarchivfotos_900 (3)_resized


How many barndoors in the picture below?

13118-Kielstadtarchivfotos_900 (2)_resized

I have the impression checking in these pictures, that all that was scrapped in those days is way better as all we have now, ….:)

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