Friday Product Update

Another batch of exciting product news this week, BBT’s FPU is written for you!

Bay window rear view mirrors looks pretty similar like regular late Beetle ones, but are completely different at the base… we decided that bus owners simply have the right on a correct and brand new (especially clean) inside rear view mirror. Replace that sunburned detoriated old scruffy pile of junk with one of our uber cool and exactly as original reproductions!

0567-800 Rear view mirror – Bus 08/68-07/79

This is a super cool kit to mount the steering wheel on top of the steering column of your split window bus. Always missing, bend or completely worn out… this little hardware is a necessity on every bus to make your steering work like it should!

1370-520 Bearing for steering column – Bus -07/67

Get rid of the rattle! This gaskets sits under the gastank where the connection to the fuel hose sits… Very important besides eliminating the rattle is that your gastank don’t rub on to your body, what can give damage to your gastank… and we don’t want gastanks to start leaking, do we?

0492-911 Antirattle fuel tank – Bus 03/55-07/71

In our ever-expanding line of seat covers we just added the brown front seat covers for early bay window in brown basket wave vinyl, exactly like original. This set covers both front seats for a 1/3-2/3 configuration

3165-512 Front seat covers brown 1/3 2/3 – Bus 08/67-07/72 basket weave (vertical seams)

We got a new delivery of our top-notch one piece 4140 Forged Chromoly Crankshafts, ready on our shelves for delivery!

1600 Crankshaft with counterweight 69mm, connecting rod VW


We have had too many returns on certain fuel pumps. As quality is our major concerns we went around the table with the engineers from the factory and tinkered out a long-lasting solution. As not many people don’t understand what it takes to get model changes we included the drawings “before and after” for all of you to understand… This is what we do and what keeps us busy…:)

In short the factory changed the inside rods to get more play so they can’t grip anymore… problem solved…:)

We supply now a good quality mechanical fuel pump for the type 4 engine. These pumps are back in stock and we deliver now in a long-lasting quality that really works!

1685-200 Fuel pump standard Type 4 engine


Hereunder the drawing of what is really changed… enjoy…:)

We have more fuel pump news this week!

The fuel pump is an important part for a proper functioning fuel supply. Heavy duty and a leaking fuel pump may lead to fire, whereas the fuel pump can get stuck after a long-term stop. BBT is always looking for high-quality solutions to replace damaged fuel pumps. This pump is a high-quality alternative for the existing  cheaper # 1685-06, whereas # 1685-035 is a complement for 34 DinHP 1200cc engines defective fuel pumps build between 1960-1965. The fuel pumps are delivered each and come with 2 gaskets  for the bakelite assembly foot included.  The push rod for this pump is available under ref. BBT # 1684. The bakelite foot is available under BBT ref # 1690.

We also changed this design slightly as before the outlet touched the ignition, now the outlet points upward, what’s actually more easy to put the fuel line to your carburetor.

1685-065 Fuel pump std. TQ, for engine with generator and 108 mm rod

The BBT FPU team wish You all a wonderfull weekend! enjoy…

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