Pacific Coast Highway and put the Speedster engine on the Dyno, meet Ron Chuck!!

Ok we left Southern California driving up North, for Car week… we decided to drive the scenic road, Hwy nr1 hereby some impressions…


we are not the only trailer on the road!


Ok, arrived in the bay area, first stop was Ron Chuck, a real legend on its own, tuned thousands of engines, top of the bill in the Formula Vee world, build transmissions and engines, all Volkswagen and Porsche… but especially he’s good to put Porsche engines on his dyno and set jetting and carburetors right…


Having my speedster over we decided it might be the perfect moment to take the engine out and have it over to Ron to give it a serious tune up!


setting the ignition…


and run the dyno…


Ron and yours truly, a historic picture for me!


Everybodies friend Tom helped to shovel the engine back in our speedster!


Ok almost ready to drive a car with Belgian regsitartion on Cali roads …let’s Car week begin!!

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  1. Bob
    enjoy my friend and big hug from out of Antwerp i do miss Calif 🙂
    looking forward to your travel stories …

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