Friday Product Update


***They’re in! ***Available now!! ***Order yours right away!***

We have now the inner front frame for the T 1 splittie bus available  from the BBT shelves. These inner frames exist out of left and right A pillars, the bottom inner sections and the brace between the dashboard and the front panel…

All  our panels have been stamped on cast tooling in all necessary steps exactly like VW used to do when they built your bus new. Whatever they tell you, cast tooling in the necessary steps is the only way to make parts right and guarantee a correct and continuous quality!

This frame consists out of our separate parts welded together on professional jigs, and parts have been individually test fitted on our own buses!

***Buy BBT because there’s no substitute for Quality!***

0890-980 Front inner frame assembly – Bus 03/55-07/67 LHD


The front inner frame exist out of separate parts we sell here below…


The A posts are a work of long breath, we returned the samples twice with necessary remarks to the factory and they are now exactly like it should, exactly like VW made them when they made our buses new!

0890-187 A-post complete left – Bus -07/67

Watch the details, we went to the end! The very far end! Tested, and fitted on our own buses!


0890-188 A-post complete right – Bus -07/67


The new Airmighty came in, order yours now! Loads of show reports, from the ubercool Ben Pon meeting, and many more!

9496-31 Airmighty 31


Our first batch sold faster as a lightening thunder, so we ordered a large second batch… the early bulkheads are again available, same quality and same price as the first badge!

0890-795 Bulkhead – Bus 08/55-07/63

BBT FPU team wishes you a cool weekend!

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