Arrived and for sale; 1956 Virgin queen Oval window! A real classy lady!

Wowh, to find such an oval window in 2018 was killing!  This is what we brought home from the North 15 years ago… but today they’re hensteeth rare, very rare gems that are very well hidden, but we digged one out!

2018-08-08 17.02.45_resized

This baby is totally untouched… it’s all original paint and it has a real cool patina.

2018-08-08 16.46.48_resized

All fenders are original as are all doors and lids… never crashed, no dents to talk about… this is what we call “Virgin”!

2018-08-08 16.46.57_resized

Matching n°’s! This baby was built in March 1956.

2018-08-08 16.47.47_resized

The period accessory ski rack in the back comes with a couple of old cool wooden ski’s!

2018-08-08 16.48.11_resized2018-08-08 16.48.18_resized2018-08-08 16.48.30_resized2018-08-08 16.48.40_resized2018-08-08 16.48.47_resized

Speedo shows 34.000km, can this be original? Unfortunately no service records came along… The history eats the story, but more than likely it turned around at least once…

2018-08-08 16.49.40_resized

The interior is also all original, doorpanels, seats, headliner… but needs a good cleaning, and some detail perhaps… To us it looks the whole deal ,just like it is! The only thing they replaced over the years is they mounted a blue aftermarket carpet kit….

2018-08-08 16.49.59_resized

Ready for a view from behind the steering wheel?

2018-08-08 16.50.29_resized

The headliner is in very good shape, no tears, no cracks, all original!

2018-08-08 16.51.34_resized

Also still the original sun visor on the left side and the correct period right hand side accessory sun visor…

2018-08-08 16.51.41_resized

We didn’t clean or detail the car too much, the spare wheel well could use some serious detail…:) but its solid, it’s all solid!

2018-08-08 16.52.27_resized

The original and correct VW logo on the front hood…

2018-08-08 16.53.15_resized2018-08-08 16.53.22_resized

Underneath the car is cool, innerfenders been coated as many times in Sweden to damp the noise on the many gravel roads… but the heater channels been still original, and here can be seen how good the car really is!

2018-08-08 16.55.19_resized

The original 30HP engine purs like a kitten, still all original!

2018-08-08 16.58.19_resized

Engine details like nothing… all like it should…

2018-08-08 16.58.52_resized

What a beast this is!! We’re so happy about this car, this is really how we like them… Pure, untouched, original and smelling old, yammie!

2018-08-08 16.45.53_resized

We assume this baby will not last very long, because original gems like this are very hot on today’s market, so if you’re interested don’t delay but contact me today!

All further information, complete picture shoot and / or pricing can be obtained by a simple email to


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