Friday Product Update

This week some exciting new products for you, bus lovers!


Let’s start this FPU with a new seat belt in our line; these are meant to be used on middle benches of the VW bus. They have extra length so you can go back to the floor for easy mounting. Both sides come with adjustable lengths, so you can always place the buckle in the middle, where it has to close.

These seat belts come with the necessary E-marks what means they have been accepted for all technical inspections and insurance coverage in Europe.

For the rear seat we already supplied the shorter version under BBT ref 0573-100 that you can mount on the rear parcel shelf of your bus.

0573-110 Lap belt black universal extra long with E-mark (1)

Replace your old more than likely non functioning 6 volt wiper engine with this 12 volt conversion kit to get your wipers work like it should.2 models to choose from. We work to get all models soon!

BBT 2475-625 comes with original style mounting plate and all necessary wiring and hardware to mount in all post barndoor buses up to 07/64 (Vin  from 20-117902 till 1 328 871).


2475-265 Wiper motor 12V kit – Bus 04/55-07/64

BBT 2475-275 comes with all necessary hardware and wiring to replace your old worn unit on your original wiper engine frame for your 1967 model bus (VIn from 217 000 001 till 217 148 459)

2475-275 Wiper motor 12V kit – Bus 08/66-07/67

Looking for more power? Special cast-in Panchito 044™ style ports make these manifolds ready for true bolt-on horsepower! Panchito 044™ Intake Manifolds are now available to fit Type-1 & Type-2 VW applications with IDF or DRLA dual carburetors. Increased power, quick throttle response, and believe it or not, improved gas mileage can be the result of properly tuned dual carbs. These Manifolds are specifically designed to match up to our All-New Panchito 044™ line of Cylinder Heads. All our CB Performance Panchito cylinder heads can be found HERE

Sold in pairs. Hardware and gaskets included
2106-3 Manifolds ‘Panchito 044’ IDF



We got a new supplier for these push-rods which operate the vacuum brake booster of your bus. Many are plied, bent or simply worn out. BBT supplies now the perfect replacement part.

Ready available from our stocks.

0276-550 Push rod between Servo and brake pedal – Bus 08/70-07/79

BBT FPU wishes you a happy relax and sunny weekend.

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