Splitbus nation 10 anniversary was a Big Hit!

Saturday afternoon we packed up for a weekend of Splitwindow bus fun on a lay back campground of Wachtebeke… real cool setting and super lay back bus event!

BBT set camp! We brought out 6 of our buses!

2018-07-28 19.23.57_resized

Besides our 51 Barndoor we brought our trusty laddertruck and also the 1963 Chicken Kombi… on wheels!

2018-07-28 19.24.09_resized

Ok saturday night BBQ time!! and we bumped straight in Dave and Cee Eccles, of VW Camper and Commercial magazine. Dave is also author of several VW bibles!

2018-07-28 20.38.18_resized

Entertainment was a real cool Rock a billy band!

2018-07-28 20.38.32_resized

The BBQ had a good turn out!

2018-07-28 20.48.22_resized

Special 10th birthday dessert!! Splittie cup cakes! yammie!

2018-07-28 20.53.56_resized

Joost brought out his small and big bus…:) perfect copies!

2018-07-29 11.51.55_resized

Strolling between cool buses was very relax!!

2018-07-29 15.53.04_resized2018-07-29 15.53.20_resized

Hans and Ingrid out of Holland with their SO42

2018-07-29 15.53.31_resized

Ultra cool double, with massive roofrack!

2018-07-29 15.55.37_resized

I think it was for sale…:) driving advertisement.

2018-07-29 15.55.48_resized

Style? Swapping out of a smooth tail gate barndoor pick up! Now that’s the VW spirit! Respect!

2018-07-29 15.56.36_resized


2018-07-29 16.05.53_resized

Goozebumps mouse grey always strikes me…:)

2018-07-29 16.06.01_resized

Cool looks and longest distance….

2018-07-29 16.06.16_resized


2018-07-29 16.06.25_resized

Shiny Westy…

2018-07-29 16.15.25_resized

…and patina kombi…:)

2018-07-29 16.15.34_resized

Always good to see the sticker bus back…:)

2018-07-29 16.15.52_resized2018-07-29 16.15.59_resized

Our 51 won oldest bus…:) cool, thanks guys, was my pleasure to bring it out!

2018-07-29 16.41.34_resized

and back home… another cool weekend we can add to our VW memory!



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