Friday Product Update

This week some amazing new gas tanks, and also some more bus sheet metal and a very cool “Do You know…” at the bottom!

Let’s start with the gas tanks this week… brand new in our program, the square gas tanks up to July 1955.

Volkswagen made the gas tanks fancy as up to september 1952 the filler neck was 100mm, from October 1952 till March 1953 the filler neck was 60mm to change again to 100mm from April 1953 up to July 1955.

So the gas tank with the 60mm filler neck (BBT ref 0492-070) will fit your car correctly if build between October 1952 and March 1953 (Oval dash split window beetles better known as Zwitter models)

The gas tank with the 100mm filler neck (BBT 0492-080) has the pressing around the filler neck, doesn’t do anything but is like original from April 1953 till July 1955, but fit also all cars from August 1949 (VIN 116021) till September 1952, with the only difference it has a pressing around the filler neck and your original don’t…

The later gas tank with 100mm (BBT 0492-080) filler neck will fit also all model beetles from August 1955 till July 1960 (VIN 3192506) the model looks different, but dimensions are all the same… a good alternative till the correct model will be launched, but as far as we know, they’re not under developing yet.


0492-070  Fuel tank – Beetle 09/52-03/53 (for 60mm gas cap)

0492-080  Fuel tank – Beetle 08/49-09/52-04/53–07/55 (for 100mm gas cap) fits till 07/60

These profiles are on top of the outriggers and central crossmembers of your splittie bus.. there’s some different models, make sure to pick the correct ones!

Developed by BBT, made for perfection! Pressed on cast tooling, not plied on a bench!

0890-58-2 Top hat section rear under ribbed floor- Bus 03/50-07/59 TQ

0890-58-3 Top hat section center under ribbed floor – Bus 03/50-07/67 TQ

Do You know… we also supply the copper vacuum hose for the 30 Hp engines (36SAE for our american friends), this vacuum hose is almost always broken or missing or patched together. Ours is perfect fit, made to perfection on real wooden bucks…

Replace that old scruffy worn out copper vacuum line with this state of the art BBT reproduction!


2079-250 Vacuum hose from 28PCI carburetor to distributor BBT

The BBT FPU team wish You a wonderful and relaxing sunny weekend!

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