For sale; 1943 Ubercool Kubelwagen!

A real Kubelwagen? Many VW enthusiasts dream!

This dream can become reality with this real beast!

2018-07-14 14.58.29_resized.jpg

Kubelwagens should not look nice and by the letter with every nut and bolt lined in same direction. That’s not the way they’ve been build and even less how they were used!

2018-07-14 14.58.44_resized.jpg

Kubelwagens been produced to fight, to survive as long as it could, but especially to capture more land from the enemies, as fast as it could… but also save lives of soldiers so they could fight longer and Kubelwagens moved them around as quick as possible.

2018-07-14 14.59.04_resized.jpg

The expected life (or survive) time of a Kubelwagen was 3 weeks at the front… This example did exceed a little life time expectation….:)

2018-07-14 14.59.16_resized

But the good thing is, this baby looks like the real thing, no, it IS the real thing!

2018-07-14 15.00.08_resized

Rough and used, with necessary dents, scratches and traces of use…

2018-07-14 15.00.20_resized

Enough originality, KDF logo’s everywhere, but also a very cool car ready to use and enjoy!

2018-07-14 15.01.19_resized

For sure not all is correct and pointers and buffers can (and will) tell what’s wrong, but there’s also a lot right, and the car has a huge fun factor…

2018-07-14 15.15.25_resized

Do You want a Kubelwagen to look at, or a Kubelwagen to use and play? I’m always going for the later one, put this baby in the dirt and have fun!

2018-07-14 15.15.54_resized

Underneath it has a very nice pan, correct front and rear axle… and what’s important to me, never converted to hydraulic brakes, but still operates on its original cable brakes!

2018-07-14 15.16.17_resized

Dressed with “just enough” period accessories to make it believable… at first glance You could believe it left the battle fields only yesterday…

2018-07-14 15.16.43_resized

The Kubelwagen also comes with some spares, like an original Gun holder, a lot of spare bulbs, a book, and some other metal parts.

2018-07-14 15.18.13_resized

Also included in this sale is a period Wehrmacht Jerry can, an ammunition box and an original skid plate, mainly in original paint, for the buffers… or just to enjoy…:)

2018-07-14 15.20.27_resized

Power plant is a correct 24.5PS engine, dressed with some correct and some wrong parts…

2018-07-14 15.25.17_resized

But its a strong engine, fires up when You turn the key and will bring you everywhere You want to go, also off-road!

2018-07-14 15.25.23_resized

Do You like Cog Wheel VW logos? You can find quiet a few on this car!

2018-07-14 15.26.01_resized

Look the underside! I think this looks the whole deal, don’t you?

2018-07-14 15.27.17_resized

The secret of moving power with limited horsepower, transmission with reduction boxes, not only gives more ground clearance, but makes your car double as strong because of the reduction of the gears!

2018-07-14 15.27.27_resized

We took off a valve cover to check inside the engine, everything looks hyper clean, and we saw also the Cog wheel VW logo to assure its all KDF!

2018-07-14 15.31.35_resized

In a general overview we agree this car is NOT a car for buffers and pointers… This is a car for a real enthusiast, that loves the looks, wants enough originality to sleep well at night, but before all wants a car that looks right and can be used, on and off track.

2018-07-14 15.33.48_resized

This must be one of the best looking Kubelwagens we ever had.

2018-07-14 15.34.14_resized

Owning Kubelwagens and Schwimmwagens for over 25 years and used them accordingly do You know a Kubelwagen with its rear wheel drive goes further in rough terrain as an all wheel drive Schwimmwagen brother? You will be amazed how far a Kubelwagen will bring you! With a little off-road knowledge You can easily go all off-road tracks and leave many modern four-wheel drive cars FAR behind! Believe me or not but they DON’T like that! Especially not when You ask them afterwards what they need four-wheel drive for actually…:)

2018-07-14 15.34.34_resized

A lot of fun ahead, that’s what we sell here…

To get the full 120 Picture file by WeTransfer on high-resolution, or for pricing, or for any other information about this gem send me an email on , I will come back to You as soon as I can.

Oh yes, if You life far away, no problem, we ship worldwide at very competitive prices!

Thank for looking!




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  1. Hi your Kubelwagon is a beauty,i may not be able to afford one, but ill keep trying untill i can afford one.Hope you the best with your wagon,again she is a knock out regards Johnny

  2. Hi John
    yes this Kubel was real nice, and yes real Kubels become real expensive lately. Meanwhile this one is sold, and on its way to its new owner in New York USA. Offcourse I still have my own Kubel wagen in my private collection….

    thanks for following my Blog


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