Inner front structure for your splittie bus soon available, pre orders been taken now!

We will receive the assembled inner structure for the front of your splittie bus in the second week of august.

We will sell these frames under our BBT reference 0890-980 Front inner frame assembly – Bus 03/55-07/67 LHD

Pre order yours now, as first supply will be limited!


For those not familiar with the BBT sheet metal we like to inform that ALL of our sheet metal is pressed in real cast tooling exactly like Volkswagen used to do when they made the buses brand new. The assembly of different component like this inner front structure is made on professional Jigs like it was performed by Volkswagen back in the day as well…

All parts from the frame are available separate as well, this frame exist out of following part n°s

0890-18                Inner front panel (lower) – Bus -07/67

0890-181            Crossmember under dashboard – Bus 03/55-07/67 LHD

0890-187             A-post Complete Left – Bus -07/67

0890-188             A-post Complete Right – Bus -07/67

0890-975              Inner front panel Bus -07/67


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