Friday Product Update

What a week we had! A lot of new parts combined with super sunny weather, feels like we’re living in heaven! But actually here at BBT, we’re always in heaven, VW heaven that is… so what’s new and exciting this week?

With the massive amount of busses brought over from the states to our old continent the request for Bay window bus parts is growing by the week…. so this week we add the seat covers for the early bay window bus in a walk through configuration. This model comes in basket weave where the seams run horizontal.

Made from the highest quality available materials, these are the best seat covers money can buy. Together with our seat padding they’re the perfect fit! Or at least as close as You can come by…:)

We also sell the padding for the seats (all BBT part numbers starting with 35..)  and we also have some more bus seat covers (all of BBT part numbers starting with 3165-…)

Seat covers You can’t find in our catalogs we still might have in limited shop inventory, or we can special order from our suppliers for you, contact your sales person  and inquire.

3165-505 Front seat covers black walk through – Bus 08/67-07/72 basket weave – (horizontal seams)

More sheet metal arrived this week  and we’re proud we can offer the gas flap door for the T1 splittie bus out of our own production. Perfect fit!  Prototypes been tested and fitted for so long we became real tired of it, but now the product is on our shelves we’re proud as hell! Oh yes we got the very best quality and the perfect fit because we’re stiffheads and pointers, but we do get the results! Here’s another example…

0154-200 Fuel flap – Bus 08/55-07/66 TQ

Big, Bigger, Biggest or just Extra Large? Well I don’t know what fool would think EVER to reproduce roofs for buses, but we did! After the roof for the T1 Splittie bus (BBT part 0890-800) we’re very proud to announce now the Roof for the bay window! We will supply for many years to come…

As all of our sheet metal parts also this roof is coated in our world known Weld Through primer for good storage and easy welding, No need to prep the panels before welding.

Please, we do request kindly to inform well about shipping BEFORE ordering, because of the size and the fragility of this item we do charge a packing fee and transport happens on three pallets…yes that’s how large it is!! Maybe better to come by and pick up, we’re awaiting you… coffee is ready, always:)


0891-800 Roof – Bus 08/67-07/79

Another great piece a sheetmetal for your splittie bus available now is the cabin seat box. Its right under your front seat, many times hacked up, we have the perfect replacement what fits like original. Delivered in our world-famous weld through primer its ready to plug and play! A real cool part that don’t need any further explanation as the picture says it all!…:)

0890-149 Cab seat box – Bus 03/55-07/67

And last but not least this week we do have received our front latches for the pick up… fits single and double cab, as well as for Splittie and Bay window bus.

Cast and forged like original, this is a perfect reproduction part. Holds and locks your side gates like new original!

Replace that bent broken or simply missing part with our quality reproduction and everybody will think You still have a perfect original…:)

We hope to receive the rear ones pretty fast too!

0168-001 Latch Front Left pick up – Bus 08/52-07/79


0168-002 Latch Front Right pick up – Bus 08/52-07/79



After way to long being unavailable finally we got a new production in of the rear window seal for your Karmann Ghia with the early model chrome trim groove.

Get yours now…

0328-1 Rear window seal Deluxe KG -67

The BBT FPU team wish you a superb weekend with a beautiful drive in your Volkswagen, but don’t drink and drive!

Enjoy the summer!

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