Last leg of this Scandinavia trip..

Loaded up a lot of sheetmetal I bought over 10 years ago, time to get that home…

2018-07-02 09.51.21_resized

Some thought the rusty crew cab was useless, well it carried a big load of doors home for me…:)

2018-07-02 09.55.20_resized2018-07-02 09.55.36_resized

First ferry, from Helsingor to Helsingborg… Dze Audi is first on board!…:)

2018-07-02 13.57.16_resized

This bridge I like very much…

2018-07-02 16.22.00_resized

Especially it prevents me from having to schwimm…:)

2018-07-02 16.23.34_resized

On the parking lot waiting for the second and last ferry…

2018-07-02 17.08.36_resized

The port of Putgarden… almost ready for the last 750 km home…

2018-07-02 18.13.06_resized

Because of a autobahn “Vollsperr” on the A1 in Bremen I was guided over Hannover, and passed Volkswagen Nutsfahrzeuge… always cool to see the tower! …

2018-07-02 21.26.53_resized

Home sweet home… sleeping in my own bed….hmmmmmm….:)

What a trip…4150 km, all with trailer… Dze Audi did a great job!! Can’t wait to hook the trailer up and leave again…

Thanks for following my adventures…:) ,


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