Pick up of a 1959 Double cab

I talked with the guys from this double cab for a while… so nice hidden under their carports…

2018-06-30 14.56.43_resized2018-06-30 14.57.41_resized

Ok the deal was made, so let’s pull it out…

2018-06-30 15.13.21_resized

and on to the trailer!! Come on Baby a new life is awaiting you!

2018-06-30 15.25.22_resized

Cool! even on this small picture You see the Seemed side gate!! the other gates are in the car… as are the doors…:)

2018-06-30 15.35.39_resized

I wrapped it up , but that didn’t work that well, although i must agree it looked cool!…:)

2018-06-30 16.10.45_resized

So I towed it home without wrap…:) This baby is for sale, it is cheap, especially for what it is, but this early (Dec 1959) You will not find many!! It needs all the welding and comes already with some new strong metal parts for the chassis!

2018-06-30 18.14.25_resized

Ok starting the big trek South now, Two more stops, are you comin’ along?

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