Scandinavia travel report; a visit to Wolfparts

Long time friend and real VW guy Woffe makes a couple of real nice sheet metal parts, I promised him a visit for many many years, finally I can take that from my bucket list…:)

Very welcoming when You enter the city of Gävle about 150km north of Stockholm…

2018-06-29 11.18.42_resized

Inside is a pretty impressive operation, with lots of jigs and measuring tools to check on his quality…

2018-06-29 10.04.29_resized

Very clearly this guy knows what he’s doing, and has a large aim for quality!

2018-06-29 10.04.34_resized2018-06-29 10.22.02_resized

Outside is a cool parking lot!

2018-06-29 10.08.02_resized

Woffe also have his own “private stash” of cars… many comes with a story…

2018-06-29 10.11.44_resized

This 1950 split he swapped for a Bumper and a front hood from another beetle, believe me or not!

2018-06-29 10.13.47_resized

Every one of his twin boys got a Karmann Ghia for the 1st birthday, they turned 30 last week, talking about long-term owner ship!

2018-06-29 10.10.05_resized

Visited, checked and 100% approved… by yours truly!

2018-06-29 11.19.04_resized

ok hit the road again, further North, way North!!

2018-06-29 12.19.25_resized

Voted for You… best Burger in Sweden! Believe me!

2018-06-29 13.43.35_resized


2018-06-29 14.00.51_resized

Roads and landscapes get’s more beautiful the more north You go, perfect season, everything nice and green!

2018-06-29 13.28.48_resized

Sometimes they slow You down a little… loads of woods are everywhere! And yes this is still the major freeway, E4 North to South, on many places single lane street!

2018-06-29 16.33.56_resized

Final destination! More North we don’t go this trip… I’m 2000km North from home!

2018-06-29 16.40.29_resized

Today I visit the Bug Convention, the longest running aircooled Vw show in Sweden, this year edition 29!

So stay tuned for a full report!

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